Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's okay, I'm a doctor

How is this thing not called "Doctor Wood Splitter?" You've gone out of your way to put the "DR" in front of your product name, why not spend the extra time to make that DR mean teacher...in latin....

The doctor will see you now

You've got the infomercial that hooked me...why would you let me down like that? Oh right, probably because you're spending your time making infomercials.

And I'm spending my time editing video that are basically infomercials.

Fuck it, I've got a music video to plan. And a demo reel to edit.

San Francisco says hello, see you on Thursday New York. I never thought a place existed outside of New York that had more crazy people per square block. Then I came to SF. A woman tried to punch me yesterday. For no reason. Well, surely she had her own reasons, but none that would've made sense to me. Wait...would? Wood? Dr. Wood Splitter? I probably wood have needed him yesterday if that punch wood've landed.

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