Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No, she'd like you too much...

Once again, a girl has managed to say something to me that just made me shake my head. Out last night with a friend of mine and his lovely gal pal, I naturally drank many beers very fast and, before she knew it, I was asking her to set me up with one of her lovely friends. Now, the friends weren't at the bar last night, just to clarify.

So she starts either thinking hard about it, or just humoring me, and starts going through her list of friends. One of them already has a boyfriend "in the works," and by "in the works" that can surely only mean that it was love at first sight and they're planning on eloping this weekend thereby making her off limits until the end of time (sarcasm duly noted, thanks). Another of her friends is too ditzy for me to be interested in. Really? Let me quote my friend Deric: "Well, she's no rocket scientist." "Well, I'm not looking for any kind of scientist." So I guess I won't be meeting the dumb friend, either. Hell, it could have worked. I could have faked interest in So You Think You Can Dance, right?

And then the last possibility from her friend pool ended like this: she'd be good for you, but I think she'd like you too much.


I'm sorry? Like me too much? Now granted, I'm not looking for a serious relationship. But you're telling me this girl would get to know me, have no choice but to fall in love with me, and I'd be the one in the unfortunate position having to let her down easy? What the fuck does "she'd like you too much" mean? Because it definitely doesn't mean what it thinks it means. I just going to start wearing a button that says "Hug me. I don't want a relationship with you, I just need the human contact from the opposite sex."

(gun shot to the face)

Fuck it, I've got a music video to plan.


Lisa said...

I know I'm a complete stranger (well, not complete since we're "friends" on Facebook, but still...), but if it makes you feel any better, I think I can offer a little girl perspective on this. It sounds like with options one and two ("boyfriend-in-the-works" and "oo-look-something-shiny!"), your friend was just trying to look out for you. But I think with option three ("she'd-like-you-too-much"), she was probably looking out for her girl friend, not for you. As someone who's personally been in the position of your friend's friend (Ms. "she'd-like-you-too-much") all too often, it's pretty crappy to fall for yet another guy who's "not really looking for a relationship" etc etc (like almost all the guys in NYC). It never works out well for the girl. The last 4 (yep, 4) attempts of mine have been with guys like that. And here I am alone typing on the computer at midnight. I'm the expert in how that doesn't work out. ;-)

So yeah, you're right, if your friend was trying to protect you, that wouldn't make sense. But I think she's actually looking out for her homegirl.

(shrug) What can I say, girls are crazy. But not as crazy as guys.


(PS - I hope you post this music video when you're done w it.)

Brett said...

Excellent insight. I stand corrected and need to shut my whiny boy mouth. That's what happens when I drink too much lite beer, I start rambling about silly crap. I might as well have been drinking Zima. Do they still make Zima? (crosses fingers)

Don't get down on guys in NYC. There are some good ones out there. They just get corrupted by the bad ones too much. Lousy testosterone. (shakes fist in direction of testosterone)

Lisa said...

Hey I like Zima. Oh wait, I guess that just reinforces your point.


I'm always shaking my fist at that damn testosterone. I'll have to take your word for it about nice guys in NYC. If you find one, send him my way. :-)